Panteresports is the LGBTI+ multisports tournament by Panteres Grogues. During the days of 15th, 16th, 17th and 18th of September 2022 sport competitions & recreational activities to promote LGBTI+ sport.

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“Foster the equality, visibility and participation of the LGBTI+ community in sports through an inclusive sports event.”



09.00 h - 18.00 h. Can Ricart / Claror Marítim / Vall d'Hebron / Marbella.

Indoor volleyball multilevel tournament at different sports venues. Men’s volleyball (mixed teams optional) is divided in to 5 different levels: A, B+, B, C+, C, C-. The games are refereed by referees from the Royal Spanish Federation of Volleyball. Merits are given to outstanding players at each level.

Registrations (until 15/07/2022): 53,90 € (non-member), 43,90 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations (from 16/07/2022): 66,90 € (non-member), 55,90 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Sold out.

Registrations until: 31/08/2022.

We will have a section of 8 teams.

The schedules and format of the tournament will be defined in the next few weeks.

All teams played a minimum number of matches in team rounds that would vary depending on the teams registered.

Inscriptions (until 15 August): 45 € (non members), 40 €. (Panteres Grogues membership).

Inscriptions (from August 16): 55 € (non members, 50 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 31/08/2022.

Maritime gymkhana in Catalan sailboat (adapted for rowing) by the spectacular seafront of Barcelona. Departing from the Port Fòrum, groups of rowers will be organized in two boats.  

Early registration (until 15/07/2022): 20€ (non-member), 15€ (Panteres Grogues member).  

Late registration (until 31/08/2022): 25€ (non-member), 20€ (Panteres Grogues member). 

Registrations until 31 August 2022. 

Registration includes insurance and the use of the BISC facilities (changing rooms) during the morning. 

5 or 10k race along the spectacular beach front in Barcelona. The fastest participants will receive medals.

Registration (until 16 July): 18 € (non-members), 15 € (members Panteres Grogues). 

Registration (from 16 July): 20 € (non-members), 20 € (members Panteres Grogues).

Registrations until: 31/08/2021. 

Registration includes Welcome Pack, refreshments, t-shirt and other freebies. 

This beach volleyball tournament will have a 2 against 2 multilevel competition format. There will be three phases: group phase, classification round (gold, silver and bronze) and final phase. A minimum of 5 matches will be played by each team. 

Registrations (Until 15/07/2022): 24 € (non-member), 19 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations (from 16/07/2022): 28 € (non-member), 23 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 31/08/2022

The competition will consist of two phases, a first phase in league format, the winners of which will face each other in a second elimination phase (tournament rules). All teams will play an approximate number of games that will vary depending on the registered teams. 

Registrations (Until 15/07/2022): 46 € (non-member), 40 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations (from 16/07/2022): 51 € (non-member), 45 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 31/08/2022

The competition will consist of two phases, a first phase in league format, the winners of which will face each other in a second elimination phase. All teams will play an approximate number of games that will vary depending on the registered teams. The tournament will follow the FIBA.

Registrations (until 15/07/2022): 20 € (non-member), 15 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations (until 31/08/2022): 25 € (non-member), 20 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 31/08/2022.

The competition will consist of two phases. A first phase in group league format, and a second phase of quarterfinals, semifinals and final. Couples can be male or mixed. 

Registration (up to August, 15th): 27,20 € (no members), 22 € (Panteres Grogues members).

Registration (up to August, 31st): 29 € (no members), 24 € (Panteres Grogues members).

Sold out.

For this year’s Panteresport we are back to competition! Taking place in Sant Jordi olympic swimming pool (50 m), it will be supervised by the Catalan Swimming Federation (FNC). Competition will have awards.

In Panteres Grogues we believe sports should bring people together for fun. So, this competition has been organised to be festive and accessible to everyone, even if you’re not a regular to competition or it’s your very first time. And if you are a regular to competitions, the FNC referee will officially record your best score.  

Registration (before 15th of July): 30 € (non-members), 25 € (Panteres Grogues members).   

Registration (from 16th of july): 40 € (non-members), 35 € (Panteres Grogues member).  

Deadline for registration: 31st of August. 

17th edition of the international tennis tournament played over three days (Friday-Sunday) on  red clay in five categories (Open, A, B, C, D) offering both singles and doubles.


80 € (one event: single or double).

100 € (two events: single and doubles). 

Registrations ultil: 31/08/2022.

Panteres Grogues membership discount:

Register: 80 € (second event free).

Until 15/07/2021.

Registrations starts: 1th of June of 2022.

Sold out.

More info: tennis_tournament@panteresgrogues.org

The reception point to the tennis participants and the Welcome Pack will be on Thursday, 15th September (from 18.00 h to 21.00 h) at Hotel Axel.

A mixed tournament, divided into two groups that will play everyone against everyone. The best of each group will play the finals and the rest will play consolation matches. We will have 8 game tables and depending on who is registered, there will be groups of 4-5 people per table.

Registrations (Until 30/06/2022): 10 € (non-member), 5 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations (Until 31/07/2022): 12 € (non-member), 8 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations (Until 31/08/2022): 15 € (non-member), 10 € (Panteres Grogues membership).

Registrations until: 31/08/2022

Open Round 720 outdoors for archers licensed.

We’ll compete with divisions: arc recorbo, composite, nude, instinctive and longbow, regardless of age or sex.

The open will have referees from the Real Federación Española de Tiro con Arco (RFETA).

Divisional medals were awarded.

Register: 30 €.

Registrations until: 31/08/2022

Friendly match between the LGBTI+ clubs Rugby Panteres Grogues vs Madrid Titanes.

This year the Panteresports will include the triangular quadball In the activity. The team of Catalan Section, Tolouse Quidditch and the new Panteres Grogues quadbol team, will compete in the activity.



“Sport is strategic, Sport means education. Sport creates values. Sport is health and fellowship. Sport is a tool for integration, equality and cohesion.”



On the ocasion of the firts International Women’s Sports Congress, organized by the UFEC, the president of Panteres Grogues, Joan Miró, will participate in the 3rd Round Table: “LGTBIQA+phobia in sports: present and future”.


Joan Miró: Panteres Grogues President.

Paloma Pujol: Footbag Worl Champion.

Ruth Gumbau: TV3 Journalist.

Aitor Lagunas: Sports Journalist.

The round table will be in spanish. There will be simultaneous English translation and sign language.

Free accés. Only is necessary to do the preregistration and accredit itself at he congress.

Welcome reception with accreditation delivery and Welcome Pack.

During the afternoon, at the Panteresports village, free activities of yoga and beach volley will be performed.

From 16:00 h to 19:30 h: friendly beach volley games.

From 18:30 h to 20:00 h: Yoga class open to the Pantersports 2022 participants.

To participate in yoga and beach volleys, is necessary pre-enrollment the registration.

Opening, then until 22.00 h, party! Bring your club flag and fills the stadium with color and joy!

Official tournament dinner. Is open for participants and non-participants. Sold out.

From 11pm come to celebrate the Panteresports with the music of DJ Enka, DJ Pam Pool, DJ Joangi, Hero of Hits and Marc Castañé. With the theater performance of GMadrid Sports.

Free acces with the Panteresports 2022 bracelet.
No players: 15 € with drink (sale tickets at the door).



“The Panteresports is opened at all the companies and organizations that want to contribute at encouraging the turnout of the LGBTI+ community in sports, through sponsorship and collaboration. Help us give visibility to inclusive sport!“




Floridablanca Street, 143. Barcelona.

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